is bad business!

I registered to become a member at (on their window it says 24/7 for $15.00/month to month plus $1.00 enrollment fee). I signed up for a one month trial. Liz Engle (representative) did not give me a receipt because she said her printer is not working. So I used their tread mill for that Read more about is bad business![…]

Domain Registry of America – The Biggest Scam Online

Domain Registry of America – DROA.COM tops it!  Here’s a company that should win the ‘Biggest scam that ever existed online’.  This company sends formal letters to registrants to renew their domain names, making the clients think their domains are about to expire, but in actuality, what they’re sending is a transfer request to DROA. Clients then send checks to DROA, not refundable Read more about Domain Registry of America – The Biggest Scam Online[…]