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Pickydomains.com Picks You Dry

No this ones the biggest!!! 

I have come across something really pretty disconcerting.  I think this has the potential to be a REALLY big scam!
There is a website called PickyDomains.com. They operate by getting people to register and submit suggestions for names for domain name website orders.  This really interested me as I am studying advertising and wanted to try and make some money by submitting creative names.  I have submitted names for 24 different “Orders.” All in all I have submitted I think 611 domain name suggestions. Which as you imagine took some time and effort to come up with.
When none of mine got picked I sent back more trying to improve my liked ratio.  I am a little ticked off to say the least that I now think this was a scam and sent an email to that effect. 
> nastyhulk sent a message using the contact form at
> http://www.pickydomains.com/contact.
> Ok so I’ve given a heap of suggestions and the orderers have even liked a
> couple what happens from here?
> How do I know if they want to pay for my suggestion?
If your suggestion is picked, I’ll notify you and ask for your PayPal
account where to send money to.
–  PickyDomains.Com                          mailto:support@pickydomains.com
Then after expending more energy on this I sent another email.
Email #2
> Ok I’ve thrown a heap of ideas out there and still nothing?
Don’t go for quantity, go for quality. Number of submission doesn’t matter
> What if they just use my suggestions anyway and don’t acknowledge my input here?  

I believe that since I have submitted these names in good faith to this website which isn’t being open and accountable that this constitutes intellectual property theft or fraud. What is as concerning is that since you have to register they already have your details and then ask for your paypal account!!!

FTC Complaint Number: 21450058
Neill Barry




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