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Southern California Edison Gougery

The slogan of Southern California Edison should be: “Because You Have No Choice.”  You can’t survive without their service, and they’re a monopoly, so they basically have you cornered.  Worse, if you bounce a check twice with them, they’ll make you pay your bill in cash, in person, and then require you to pay an buy antabuse online $1800 deposit (as if you have the money).  If they allow you to pay that in installments and you’re late, they will shut off your electricity unless you pay the deposit in full. 

We live in the desert, and in the summertime, our electric bills sometimes near $1000.  Is the government or any type of oversight committee ever going to do anything about electricity and gas prices?  Someone is getting paid, and it’s not me.

I can do without their “economic stimulus” bribe to keep my mouth shut.  I’d rather they lower prices than give me a check that’s going to be spent on debt. 

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