Desert European Motorcars Ltd of Rancho Mirage is Bad Business! Avoid doing business with this company!

Desert European of Rancho Mirage is Bad Business. Gary Whitaker of Desert European is Bad Business! We’ve been paying our car insurance for 6 straight months, in the event of an accident, this company’s denies all responsibility due to mishandling of paperwork. VW credit (our second responsible insurance) notified us that the car we are Read more about Desert European Motorcars Ltd of Rancho Mirage is Bad Business! Avoid doing business with this company![…]

Dedicated Credit Repair

i’m here to BITCH, i just got taken advantage of from a credit repair company (Dedicated Credit Repair) who strung me along for six months and i have nothing to show for it after spending thousands of dollars. The public needs to be made aware of this scam and i think a post on your Read more about Dedicated Credit Repair[…]

I Sky Scam

AZ Company Who Ripped Off Thousands of Customers Before Abruptly Quitting Business Has Started A New Company Targeting Their Victims I Sky Usa is a new company started by the owners of Horizon Technologies/Millenium Plus/Angel Star GPS/Cybertrack.  On January 26, 2009, Horizon Technologies/Millenium Plus abruptly went out of business without any advanced notice to their Read more about I Sky Scam[…]

No Fraud Protection

It’s about time that online merchants (credit card processing systems) start doing more to protect consumers and small businesses from fraudulent card users.  We’ve initiated their fraud protections, but we still get hit almost every day.  Every time a fraudulent card user purchases something from our company, we get the funds, then the client issues Read more about No Fraud Protection[…] Picks You Dry

No this ones the biggest!!!  Hi. I have come across something really pretty disconcerting.  I think this has the potential to be a REALLY big scam! There is a website called They operate by getting people to register and submit suggestions for names for domain name website orders.  This really interested me as I Read more about Picks You Dry[…]

Domain Registry of America – The Biggest Scam Online

Domain Registry of America – DROA.COM tops it!  Here’s a company that should win the ‘Biggest scam that ever existed online’.  This company sends formal letters to registrants to renew their domain names, making the clients think their domains are about to expire, but in actuality, what they’re sending is a transfer request to DROA. Clients then send checks to DROA, not refundable Read more about Domain Registry of America – The Biggest Scam Online[…]

Costly Credit Report

“Free” credit report strikes again — AAA Advantage is a scam. Free credit reports are not free.  My husband unknowingly committed us both to charges of $11.95/month by requesting a free credit report from  It’s no wonder they can afford those annoying commercials. “Free” credit report strikes again!  AAA Advantage is a so-called free credit Read more about Costly Credit Report[…]