April 2, 2008


Bad business is here for a better world, we would like companies, executives, politicians, everyone to behave themselves and not do bad business. We don’t accept payoffs and have no companies who accept payoffs in return for removing reviews/comments documenting bad business practices. All we want is proof of resolution between the conflicting parties.

Bad business postings are reports from your average consumers (our users) who are fed up with corporate bullies, and with overall BS.  If it’s bad business, people oughta know. Email your complaint to bitch @ badbusiness.org.  Please note that badbusiness.org does not guarantee the authenticity or verifiability of complaints posted by its users.

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  • On Oct.15, 2015 I registered to become a member at Workoutanytime.com (on their window it says 24/7 for $15.00/month to month plus $1.00 enrollment fee). I signed up for a one month trial. Liz Engle (representative) did not give me a receipt because she said her printer is not working. So I used their tread mill for that day. The next day I so my internist, and he told me I cannot use their facilities for 12 months or a year due to my severe scoliosis. So I cancelled the next day. When I cancelled the 1st time I did not notice the cancellation on the left side of the form. The rep circled the “Freeze” (means my membership is frozen for 6 months). By Nov. 15 2015 my bank account showed $25.00 membership trial, $25.00 dues and $29.00 annual by Dec. 14, 2015. I was charged a total of $80.00. I was told then to send certified mail for cancellation. But they said I still owe them a month due. I am 70 years old so they took advantage of me.

  • Never, never, never enroll to a company (WORKOUTANYTIME.COM)without consulting a business you are not familiar or consult to BBB and consult to people’s review.

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