is bad business!

I registered to become a member at (on their window it says 24/7 for $15.00/month to month plus $1.00 enrollment fee). I signed up for a one month trial. Liz Engle (representative) did not give me a receipt because she said her printer is not working. So I used their tread mill for that day. The next day I so my internist, and he told me I cannot use their facilities for 12 months or a year due to my severe scoliosis. So I cancelled the next day. When I cancelled the 1st time I did not notice the cancellation on the left side of the form. The rep circled the “Freeze” (means my membership is frozen for 6 months). By Nov. 15 2015 my bank account showed $25.00 membership trial, $25.00 dues and $29.00 annual by Dec. 14, 2015. I was charged a total of $80.00. I was told then to send certified mail for cancellation. But they said I still owe them a month due. I am 70 years old so they took advantage of me.