Photo: Proof of my auto insurance. Geico: You’re denied despite of your payment

Geico auto insurance is bad business. People oughta know!!! Hello, BB Admin. We recently received a 6-page letter from Geico denying our auto insurance claim. Please post this company.. <removed> Jason Jared from Geico — the current claim adjuster denied our claim. Below you will see an image of my proof of insurance via letter of ‘Declaration page from Geico stating June 4 – December 4, 2013’ Accident occurred in June 6. “GEICO is bad business” will remain in our site until matter is resolved with consumer. Geico auto insurance is bad business, stay away -PissedConsumer

4 thoughts on “Photo: Proof of my auto insurance. Geico: You’re denied despite of your payment

  • Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a bit of research on that. And he actually purchased me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that : Thanks for lunch! : )

  • This is by far the worst insurance company, they should be investigated by the FBI. They also denied our claim from purchasing a new car while accepting payments from the old car for nine months. Not only we were denied, they also declined to reply or even return the nine months payment we made. Geico received payments — but denies claim. Geico is bad business!

  • I don’t know about your circumstances in any way. I don’t know who was at fault in the accident mentioned or what kind of insurance you carried. There is not enough information given in your complaint for me as a consumer to know the circumstances surrounding the denial of payment and whether or not the denial was or was not valid.

    Your insurance was paid. I got that. Did you have full coverage insurance or liability insurance only?

    Were you filing a claim for coverage to cover your own vehicle? If you only had been paying for liability insurance the insurance you are paying for only covers the other person’s car or property. We only get what we pay for.

    I also have never read the insurance contract from Geico. Did you read the contract? Are there exclusions that make it legal for them to deny a claim? I know that all insurance policies have exclusions. Did you fall under one of those exclusions in your specific situation?

    Personally I have no love affair with any insurance company. Unfortunately they have made it so that we all have to have insurance while driving or suffer financially if we don’t have insurance. We can be ticketed I believe in every State of the United States. In addition if you get in an accident and do not have insurance you are at fault as far as the law is concerned in some if not all states. How can that be fair, just or right? Even if the accident was the other person’s fault if you do not have insurance you are at fault? That is so disgusting and so far from just or right it makes me sick. I still pay the blood sucking insurance company. We only carry liability insurance because we drive older vehicles. We could probably replace our vehicle just by saving the extra amount we would have to pay for full coverage. At the same time we do not expect our insurance company to pay for our vehicle or for repairs to our vehicle if we get into an accident unless the other guy was found to be at fault. Then his insurance has to pay for our loss and or injuries.

    Again, I don’t see how you have provided enough information for anyone to make a proper assessment of the situation or the company.

    As for the other complaint by a Mr. Gallegos above, I am not sure if I have the information correct. It looks like they bought a new vehicle. Most if not all insurance companies have a certain amount of time limit that you must contact them to add or change to a new vehicle. If you drive a new to you car for nine months without notifying the insurance company I’m sure you would be way outside of the company’s grace period. Most companies I have ever worked with on our insurance had a three (3) day grace period. Some are longer but I have never heard of a nine month grace period. I am also not certain that is the correct scenario that Mr. Gallegos is trying to infer. There is not enough information for me personally to make a determination.

    I really wish there was more information supplied. We have a son who is using the company listed in this complaint but I cannot advise him one way or the other without knowing a lot more information. Those type of issues make this type of complaint site no more than a place to let off steam but very unreliable as far as the validity of the complaints filed. Does that really serve justice? Is it right to file a complaint without proving your complaint is justified? Or does it just give anyone who wants to complain or who wants to get vengeance a chance to do so whether it is deserved or not?

    Without some kind of supervisory requirements or oversight of complaints how is this site better than the companies being complained about? Just something to consider.

  • I just looked more closely at the form you have a photo shown above. It looks like you do or did have Comprehensive and Collision insurance but it is difficult to be sure because of the angle the photo was taken. If I am looking at it correctly, it looks like you had a $500.00 deductible. If this is all true and your payments were up to date then Geico should no doubt have paid. That is unless of course your situation came under one of the exclusions in the policy contract. Do you know if it did?

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