Shippers Choice, Newport News, VA is bad business


Shippers Choice
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1) in a truck that has no ac at times when it was 90 degrees on up we had to drive
2) other people from previous classes were interrupting our class drive time
3) there was only one instructor assigned to my class  which consisted of six people only plus two to four extra personnel from previous classes.
4) when riding in the road truck (which consisted of 4 to 5 students a trip) there was NO PROTECTION from being in an accident in the back of the vehicle
5) my instructor didn’t teach me anything about driving, basically I had to teach myself
6) students who was taking this class as a refresher course had a lot more drive time then the students who didn’t know how to drive (I was lucky to get 15 to 25 minutes of driving time)
7) before we take test we were given the answers prior to it, I don’t feel like I was learning anything
8) there was one instructor and he took personnel to test on every Thursday while I was in class…most times my class was dismissed early.
9) my instructor taught me how to back only one time, after that I had to get other students to teach me.
10) I failed my DMV test over minor errors that could have been prevented if my instructor would have taught me how to drive the right way….. Plus they gonna charge me an extra $100 on the driving part of the test that I took with a DMV tester on August 2, 2012 and I couldn’t retest until August 30th and I couldn’t practice until two days prior to the test date which will be on August 28th. I believe this is setting me up for failure to repay another $100 because I don’t get the quality time I need with my instructor because another class has started  by then and then I don’t get to train in three weeks or more…
11) I feel basically that I wasted a lot of money from not being trained as a student should.
12) some days we were cut short of our time to practice driving because the instructor was burnt out by having to attend to the students of previous classes needs during me and my classmates time.  We were basically sent home early because it was too hot to drive.
13) In the third week of being in the class, shippers choice received a used 2004 Volvo truck, our class was told that we will not be training on this truck which have ac because we started in the previous road truck….this truck was to be used by the next class.
14) there was not appropriate ac in the class
15) after I got to know the staff, they had no hospitality
16) when the road truck broke down, the students did the labor to fix the problem while the supervisor over the instructor just looked and watched the students do it- all it needed was the oil filter to be tightened
17) the yard truck used for backing only I had to wait for on most days due to students from previous classes having to be refreshed on the backing
18) the gearshift in the old road truck was so worn that I was told its best to shift from fourth gear to sixth gear—IM PROPER TRAINING!
19) ALL community colleges that I have contacted for obtaining my cdl say that they train on ten speeds….equipment at shippers choice is out of date
20) I don’t think it’s fair to be in a training vehicle with people smoking mixed with non smokers.

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