Bad business decisions from the owner of Branchville motors vespa dealer & piaggio.

Bad business decisions from the owner of Branchville motors vespa dealer & piaggio.

A member of our scooter club bought a brand new/leftover scooter and was paid in full. Drove away from the dealer, just got into Wilton, where the scooter broke down! Keep in mind the scooter was new and only had 7miles on it.

The member was so patient that it has been in the shop for three weeks!

The owner should have made a good decision to swap the machine out or refund the money, instead of trying to figure out the mechanical/electronic issues.

The time spent trying to solving the problem and time spent chasing Piaggio for a special tech, should have been worth a swap or refund!

A Piaggio tech was assigned to find the problem. Now Piaggio Company is involved in the warranty work and order the part that is needed.. Only the part was never overnighted, now its two more weeks waiting.  More run around with Piaggio and dealer who is blaming who for the mistakes!

This poor person spent the money and paid in full, the money is locked up and the consumer is suffering with no product!

Poor business decisions.

Piaggio & Branchville motor should be following Stew Lenorads policy

Rule: 1

The customer is always right!

Rule: 2

If the customer is wrong, reread rule #1

I can’t tell you what to do; Please don’t do business with Branchville motors vespa dealer.

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    I am writing to let your BBB know that on Saturday at 9am on April 6th my fiance and I used Two Men and a Truck, and it was the worst moving experience we ever had, we were quoted 5.75 hrs for $550.00 for the whole move. It took the movers 9hrs. The movers were taking so long, and I spoke with them about the time and quality of service they were providing throughout the day and Josh the lead mover told me that he tried to call his supervisor early in the day for help. Josh told me no one mentioned too him that the move was from the third floor, and that Joseline the CSR who took the order never asked what floor. Josh then said that this move was not going well and was sorry several times along with his moving partner. Finally around 6pm Josh’s supervisor shows up with help and says that we should have been quoted the move from the third floor and the 5.75 hrs should have been quoted differently and that he was sorry…so all the stuff remaining in the truck was finally brought up to the new apt. Then I asked the movers what about moving the clothes from the last apt… Josh asked me what clothes? and that no one said anything about clothes. Then the movers said we do not have a way to move the clothes. We then said too the movers what do you think that we wear every day? So here is another item prior to the move not quoted. Then two men and a truck charged me for a hidden box fee of $30.31 and a we said everything was already boxed up…. What’s this? So at this time we were worn out and while helping , just trying to get the move over with we….. signed the paper work feeling trapped too do so just so we could go on and finish the move ourselves. I don’t think anyone who moves a small two bedroom apt 6 miles down the road should have too pay $867.31. My fiance and I took another 3hrs to finish the work, we were so stressed and worn out. We thought this was unfair and horrible service.


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