Poll: 77 percent say Obama, Congress acted like ‘spoiled children’ in debt fight

Poll: 77 percent say Obama, Congress acted like ‘spoiled children’ in debt fight

By Michael O’Brien – 08/02/11 10:27 AM ET

President Obama and leaders in Congress behaved like “spoiled children” in the debt-ceiling debate, the vast majority of Americans said in a new CNN poll released Tuesday.

U.S. adults expressed a sour opinion toward all the players involved in reaching an agreement that includes two phases of spending cuts in exchange for raising the nation’s borrowing authority, which came at the end of weeks of rancorous debate.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans said elected officials in Washington had behaved like “spoiled children” in their recent dealings with the debt ceiling; just 17 percent said that they had behaved like responsible adults.

The House approved the debt deal struck over the weekend in a bipartisan vote on Monday; the Senate is expected to follow suit early Tuesday afternoon.

But the deal isn’t necessarily popular: Fifty-two percent of Americans said they disapproved of the agreement, based on what they had heard of the accord. Forty-four percent expressed approval.


2 thoughts on “Poll: 77 percent say Obama, Congress acted like ‘spoiled children’ in debt fight

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