After moving to a new apartment my Wife and I decided to give Verizon FIOS a chance after seeing their ads on bundles.  We called on our move in day, a Tuesday.  They must have been busy, because we were on hold for 41 minutes.  We decided to call back.

When we did we were greeted with a pleasant 15 minute wait time and finally a customer service rep.  She seemed very enthusiastic and we were immediately disarmed by her good nature.  We signed up for the Bundle for Internet, TV, and Phone.  We also agreed to get the DVR.  Life was good, and we were looking forward to our new service.

2 weeks later a Verizon technician arrived to install our service.  I had to take the day off to wait for him, which I did for about 6 hours, but that happens with everyone, right?  No biggie.  I welcomed this gentleman into my home, grimacing at his muddy shoes on my carpet, hoping that he would be in and out as quickly as possible. 

3 hours later my Television and Internet were up and working.  He started packing up his tools (I was helping!  Get out now!) when he mentioned to me that everything was good to go, with the exception of my phone.  He explained to me that my phone lines were set up incorrectly and that I would have to get my maintenance department to re wire my phone lines in my apartment. 

I remember thinking “what a hassle”, and I asked the technician if I was able to correct the issue would he be able to come out an install my phone?  He told me to call Verizon and make an appointment with service installation. 

He left.  My TV worked great, my internet was blazing fast.  So I was missing a phone.  So what?  I’ll get it fixed within the week.  Right? 

40 weeks later, it was still not fixed. Here’s the timeline:

1 week) I had my maintenance department go through my phone lines and learned something interesting: the previous tenant had Verizon Fios and his phone worked just fine.   

2 weeks) I had a friend of mine who is a fiberoptic and telephone wiring technician take a look at my lines.  He told me that they worked fine, and demonstrated this by hooking up a machine that showed each outlet worked great.

4 weeks) I call Verizon.  They set up a time for a technician to come out.

6 weeks) After waiting all day, no technician shows.  Call Verizon.  Put on hold, hang up after 30 minutes.

7 weeks) Call Verizon, service center tells me they will send another technician out, tell me there will be ANOTHER service charge.  No Way!  I’m not paying for another service appointment!  They claim they will open a ticket to research my issue and call me back.

10 weeks) Still no call.  Call Verizon because I cannot see my bill online anymore and do not receive paper statements, yet I’m still paying them through my banks Bill Pay site.  Verizon is unable to help me because I do not know my account number.

11 weeks) I pretty much give up.

18 weeks) I call Verizon and ask them to cancel the phone that I have been paying for.  The customer service rep tells me that they need to open a ticket to research the issue.  I tell them I will HOLD while they look it up. 

18 weeks and 3 hours) After speaking to 4 different account reps I have a resolution.  They will Cancel my phone line and refund my money in the form of credits to my account, beginning on the next bill cycle.  I’m satisfied with the resolution.

22 weeks) My account has been credited but I am still paying for the phone service.  Again I call, again I’m on hold, again my account is credited and I am assured the phone charges will not be applied again.

30 Weeks) I receive a credit to my account and my bill pay tells me nothing is due.

32 weeks) I receive a check in the mail from Verizon for refund for excess charges.

39 weeks) My service is shut off due to non payment.  I call Verizon, am put on hold for an hour, reach a customer service rep.  I explain the situation.  She transfers me to a rep in the finance and collections department.  She pulls up my account by name / address and DOB (since I do not have my account number).  She tells me I have missed 2 months payment and owe them near $400.  I explain that I have been credited and do not know which payment I have missed.  She explains that she will open a ticket to research the issue (!!!!!!!!!!!)  I have to fax proof of payment to Verizon.  I ask to be transferred to someone who can assist me with canceling this god-awful service.  She “politely” transfers me to a dead line that hangs up on me.

I finally get through to the customer retention department.  They are very clever:  they use names such as “Mr. Smith” and “Mr. Wainwright” to hide their identities to avoid negative feedback and confrontation.  And their supervisors are all conveniently out to lunch (even at 10:30 in the morning).  “Mr. Wainwright” is unable to assist me because I do not know my account number.  He tells me very not-so-politely that if I don’t know it then I “have a problem” and I “should always know your account numbers.”  I ask again to be transferred to a supervisor.  He transfers me to a dead line.

The next day I received a call from a Verizon Account Supervisor.  She tells me that my account is past due (which still makes no sense).  I asked her to give me some information on cancelling my account (contract should be up in 2 months!  Thank you LORD!).  

You know what she told me?  When I had CANCELED my phone service (that they could not install for me!) I was automatically signed up on a NEW BUNDLE CONTRACT that does not expire for another 7 months.  I’m pretty sure that is ILLEGAL.  “Slamming”, maybe????  She said she would open a ticket to research my issue and call me back.  No Lie. 

Verizon opened up numerous “tickets” to research the “issues” that I experienced.  Not one of them resolved correctly.  I can’t say I’m optimistic about this last one.  My entire experience has been battling to be served CORRECTLY.  I made my payments, paid for more than I was receiving, and never once complained about it.  However, as soon as I start asking some questions the answers become more and more veiled, the responses are sharper and harsher, and the staff is suddenly incompetent and outright mean.

VERIZON is cheating its customers and practicing illegal contracting.  They want to charge me over $600 to get out of my contract.  Be WARY of this type of practice!  Be WARY of Verizon.  I have been paying over $160 a month for a DVR , TV, and Internet and have been screwed around every corner of the block.  I can get the same service for HALF from a competitor if I could only get out of my contract!!  They can only cheat the little people if we let them!  They will NOT be receiving another dime from anyone I know!  I’m vowing to keep Virginia CLEAN of Verizon scum.  You should too.

5 thoughts on “The TRUTH about VERIZON

  • Had two forwarding biz numbers from Verizon (1 is toll free) – They shut my service down 3 X in a period of 4 months for billing me incorrectly — In which I’ve corrected 3 times with confirmation numbers (not existent when I called it in)

    I gave up and decided to port (transfer) these numbers to Vonage — Guess what? They will not transfer my toll free number for 10 years.

    It took two weeks to port my other number, in which they allowed — but stuck with them w/my toll free number.

    Verizon becomes bad business when they will not allow you to get out of their shitty service — as a consumer, I should have this choice.

    Why would I want to do business with a company with not only make numerous mistakes, they also have the worst customer service when you call. You wait for minutes, forwards your call to incorrect depts, drop calls (you’d think a phone company would have the best system for this)

    VERIZON – the most incompetent company! They should win a guinness record for this.

  • I bought the Verizon Triple play bundle with direct tv, internet and home phone service with unlimited calling. WHAT A MISTAKE! The package was supposed to cost me 89 per month for all three services. I would not have bought it if I knew how much it was REALLY going to cost me! I was supposed to get an HD TV Box with a DVR so I could access all the free videos ect but they didn’t give me that. I got a regular old box that cannot get any of the upgraded services and they want 200 to upgrade to the one I should have got for free. Service started & direct tv called to say that there was a problem matching my info with verizon so they could not put direct tv on my phone bill to qualify for the triple play package. I found out that they were missing the apartment number. I called Verizon who gave me a confirmation number to give to direct tv to let them know that the services were bundled and I did not have to pay any bills to them. But they continued to call me saying I owed them money. The first month cost me almost three hundred dollars with verizon and it did not include direct tv. The next month was almost two hundred without direct tv. Then direct tv told me that I had to pay them directly and bring my account with them to zero before they could bundle with verizon and give me the reduced rates. I had the service for two months and they wanted 300!!!!! There was no way around it. They disconnect my tv service. So I paid them and they assured me that my services would be bundled and everything would be on track for less then 100 per month for all three services. Never happened! I dont have all three services so verizon is charging me two times what I was quoted. Direct tv bills every 2 1/2 weeks and one month in advance so I can never pay the account in full to get to zero and get it on my phone bill. There is a penalty for cancellation that no one at verzion ever told me about and its almost 400! Now verizon told me that because I had direct tv service cancel & reinstate I am not technically a new customer for their triple play bundle and therefore not eligible for the reduced rates as quoted. SCAM sCAM

  • I’ve signed up with Verizon for a few years now, and recently added an extra line for my finace. Well, I was quoted with my new phone to be 60 dollars less than what I am actually paying. “Oh yes, you’ll be paying this and this.” The bill comes, and I’m paying more for two phones than I would anywhere else. When they make the sales pitch, don’t believe them. They add at least 20-30 dollars in odd taxes and fees. Once you get the total from them… add 20-30 dollars to it and that will be your TRUE total.

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