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i’m here to BITCH, i just got taken advantage of from a credit repair company (Dedicated Credit Repair) who strung me along for six months and i have nothing to show for it after spending thousands of dollars. The public needs to be made aware of this scam and i think a post on your site will go along way… i can provide you with more details and a scripted bitching email if your interested, or i could just have one of my staff write the article for you (yes i am that mad at this bitch) .. if not, no worries, wish ya then best

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  • Our programs offers our clients the opportunity to earn 100% money back. Rather than hearing from an “unhappy client”, I have been notifed by employees of CFPG that the owners of CFPG (Mike Wayman) are hiring search engine optimization people to place false reports against us. Ironically, we have offered a 100% money back guarantee to our clients, and have not been contacted. Instead, our competitors are doing whatever they can to say bad things about us. Ironically, the reputation of CFPG and the multiple CEASE AND DESIST orders are out there for the public to read and see first hand. I am working with politicians and consumer advocates to make sure that Mike and his “ex COP” mentality be put to rest.

  • Dedicated Credit Repair offers a 100% money back guarantee on all our work. Our program is designed to last no longer than 90 days. Our clients typically experience an average of a 90 point increase in 90 days (usually more in fact). I have run audits on all my clients, and I do not have an experience similar to the one posted above. I believe this was posted by one of our competitors. If this is indeed a client who is unhappy, please contact our office. We will be glad to honor a 100% money back guarantee to you. No hesitation; no question. We serve to provide the BEST quality products to our clients. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

    Tiffany Hazelaar

  • Dedicated Credit Repair did exactly what they said they would, and provided me a comprehensive up-to-date summary of things that were happening on my account that I could monitor 24/7. This posting is total blasphemy. My credit soared after using DCR! Before I could only get high interest loans; within two months I was being offered extremely low and some ZERO interest offers. I WAS ECSTATIC! I encourage everyone I know to talk to DCR; they even offer free consultations. How many companies do you know that would refuse your money if they thought they couldn’t GUARANTEE results? DCR does that!

  • I saw this website and post before I became a client of Dedicated Credit Repair. I was hessitant because of it. However, my broker highly recommended them so I scheduled a meeting in person. DCR will help you if they can, Tiffany was very honest and told me the truth about what my situation was and she didn’t sugar coat it. It was refreshing and honest. I have now been a client for a little over 2 months and am very impressed with how professional and courteous their staff is. They have worked diligently on my case and have already improved my credit scores to where my broker can qualify me for a loan. When I first started this process my credit was so bad that I could only dream of getting a house, they’ve helped me realize my dream. I recommend their services to anyone who want to get a house but are thinking they can’t because of their credit scores. Shame on whoever this individual is being so rude and vulgar. Tiffany and her team are doing right by me.

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  • bad credit can be a hard thing to repair. This is a great article and gives some great advice. about 42 days ago i managed to raise my credit over 100 points after i found out about i had nothing to loose and now i have my life back under control.

  • I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

  • If your in the marketplace for a loan,its a prudent decision to go over your credit score at least six months prior to giving in the application. This means if your mark is low, you possess the chance to amend your credit ranking for at least six months before the loaner arranges a credit check on you.

  • I faced the same situation from local Social Media Solution company. They cheated me for several thousand dollars with in three months. I think i spend over 30G’s with them and they promised me to move to sale my product in market through internet. They charged me a lot and i did not get any sale. their website address is They lies and do false promises. Bad Business…!

  • I’m going thru a situation now where GMAC are completely ignoring the law. Federal and sometimes state law indicate that after a bankruptcy that the creditor cannot attempt to collect the debt but they are in this case. It’s really troublesome that no one seems to look out for the little guy.

  • I’m going thru a situation now where GMAC are completely ignoring the law. Federal and sometimes state law indicate that after a bankruptcy that the creditor cannot attempt to collect the debt but they are in this case. It’s really troublesome that no one seems to look out for the little guy. travesti siteleri.

  • I was referred to DCR by a mortgage lender in town but I was skeptical. Then later my realtor and a friend from the auto dealership in Temecula referred me to them too. So basically I had THREE sources refer me to them. DCR wouldn’t take me as a client until I followed three basic steps in their process. Then after a year of time receiving “free” education on credit, I finally enrolled. It took me less than 100 days and my score increased approx 100 ish points.

    I have to say that I have heard a lot of shady things about credit repair. But DCR is amazing. I mentioned this orignial post to the owners of DCR and they played a vmail for me that was left by one of their “competitors” stating that they were going to take DCR down. Obviously there are good guys and bad guys in every industry but DCR is definitely a “good guy”.

    Thank you DCR team for being exactly what I hired you to be; efficient, honest, and effective!!!

  • Well I was referred to DCR by a broker and on his word I went with this company. There was the initial payment for my wife and I signed the paperwork and things were started. The next months payment went through and still nothing showing. Finally when we were close to making another payment something came in the mail that I needed to mail to them (or deliver personally but it’s too far of a drive). Then there was a couple of deletions. But now we are on month 3 and I called the broker to see if there was anything. After a couple of emails recommendation is to continue on. Also I called about something specific that should not be showing on my report because I paid the item off in full an those items were now reporting incorrectly. I was told they are just trying to get it deleted. Fine with me.

    Everything was ok until I started getting letters from the credit bureaus saying that They already verified the information was mine and that I was supposed to be doing something else. Now this is where I got pissed because I’m about $600 into this and I’m getting these letters. Basically their “second round of send outs” was absolutely useless. I got the same letter 7 times.

    So I paid $158 for the company to do something that they should for sure know what the results would be. So I’m furious. I call to cancel and here is the best part.

    The payments are in the rear. Meaning even though I cancel I am about to pay another $158 for them to do nothing again.

    $600 3 deletions for me, stuff paid off but they couldn’t fix that correctly, no credit score improvement.

    My wife has a DUI on her report that is from a different person and they didn’t even bring that to our attention, I found out when I had my credit pulled by an apartment company. Will deal with that on my own.

    The first comment speaks of money back guarantee. I read the terms and conditions, it’s pretty much impossible to get your money back, if someone does then good on you.

    To their benefit the people are nice and you can talk to people but I really don’t thing they did very much. I imagine a cookie cutter template letter they mail out and they know how long it takes for response. They say 3 months because people are somewhat ok for paying that long then when that time is up they will recommend extension. My recommendation, stay away.

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