Found your site due to being very annoyed with a company that I dealt with today (see subject line), in a few words this is what happened:

A friend asked for help in transferring their domain and email services away from, so I sent an email to their support team asking for the details needed to do so.

Never got a reply so I sent that same email again but from an email address that is on one of the domains that was going to be transferred, still no reply but the friend got an email from them saying they only respond to the registered domain, but no answer to the question about transferring the domains.

The friend sent an email and called them to confirm that I am OK to speak on their behalf, so I sent email again asking for details, still no reply.

Today I decided enough is enough (plus the friend has been bugging me) so I called their support number (£1.50/min) to try and get the ball rolling, a lady answered my call and said the person that I have been emailing with (Clive Marshall) was busy but he would call me back, which I was happy with as I did not need to spend any more time on the expensive line.

Couple of hours later I get a call back and it is Clive, I wanted to query why nobody responded to my email and why I had to call the extremely expensive support number to get a response, his response was “Just tell what you need”, I tried again and he responded with “Either tell me what you need or I will hang up”, now I realise people screw up and all sorts of things can interfere with life but such a response to paying customer (not me, but my friend on whose behalf this being done, he is the one waiting on this) is just not right.

This whole things spanned over 4 weeks or so and Clive was the person responding to all emails and he is also the Managing Director of this business, their sales lines which is 0207 number goes to the same place as their support number (£1.50/min).

I would strongly suggest to anyone that they avoid this business if at all possible and use an alternative.

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  • On August 24th my husband (Jerome McCoy) spoke with sales rep Charles and placed an order for a computer box (brain box) for a 2005 Ford Escape from Auto Source Parts Company via the Internet ( Order number 109778. Auto Source billed my debit card $419.95 on August 25th for a new (brain box) part plus returned shipping of the part.

    On August 28, 2009 Charles advised that they did not have a new part and advised us to send in the old part to be re-built and the part would cost $289.00 and they would refund the difference. We mailed my original part to the via U.S. mail to Auto Source Industries, LLC REMAN DEPARTMENT 13245 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 4-375 Jacksonville, FL 32225 and paid for propriety shipping and they received the part in two business day on or about Sept 3, 2009 (0308 2040 0000 5018 8070) with confirmation of delivery.

    Never received a refund for the difference or the part nor did I receive a part.

    On September 4, 2009 my husband spoke with Charles and they were having employee problems and give them a few days for someone to check out the part that we sent. Once received my husband called to check on status of part and was advice that they did not have the part. At that point we advised to refund the money. We waited about five (5) business day and returned a called to them to inquire about the status of the refund and he was advise by Charles (who had been corresponding with since the beginning of the transaction) he advise that it had been refunded. So we waited a few more days this was around the 10th or so of September 2009. When my husband called they advised that they had found a new part and would only charge $289.99.

    After that my husband called about every 3-4 days and Charles stop accepting his calls. On or about Sept 15, 2009 he spoke with a gentlemen name Dallas and he was very concern and apologizing> He advised that the part had been shipped.

    Then or about the 20th or so of September Dallas advised that the part could not be repaired and they would get us a new part. So on or about the 25th we were advised that they could not locate a part for my vehicle and that he would refund my money and send back the part.

    On October 2, 2009 I (Kristy McCoy) spoke with Dallas (co-owner) and was advised that I should receive a refund within 3-5 business days and as of October 11th I did not have a refund back on my card or my part returned. I called Dallas and advised that I had not received my refund or the part returned. He assured me that the refund was submitted and it was coming and the part was another story. The company was having again some employee issues in the shipping department and he would get me a tracking number for my returned part or ship it out himself.

    Well as of today October 12 I had not received a refund or a part via FedEx or UPS. So I called Dallas and he was very rude, and told me that my refund has been process and would fax to me a copy of the receipt showing the request for the refund. Also, he was going to go back to his shipping department to verify and get a tracking number for my original part that I sent to him. This was approximately 4:59PM (central) time and it is now 5:12 PM (central) time and I have not received the copy of the receipt for the refund request nor the tracking number for the returned part.

    During our conversation today October 12, 2009 I advised Dallas that during this process I have been renting a vehicle until I was to receive my part which originally should have taken approximately 10 day total. Well it has been approximately four (4) week that I have had a rental car and I have paid approximately $1600.00 for this vehicle while waiting on a part from Auto Source. Therefore, I am out of a vehicle brain box (computer box) for my vehicle, $419.95 for a part that I have not received, and $1650.00 (approximately) for a rental car while waiting on a single part to repair my vehicle. And this person Dallas wants to be upset with me and said after he sends me the faxed copy of the receipt for the refund and the tracking number for the part that has-been shipped he is done. I advised him that I am his customer and that he is not done until I have received my funds back onto my credit card and my original part back in my possession and then at that point he will be done with Kristy & Jerome McCoy.

    Product Order: Auto Source Auto Technologies. #R0980824XX-109778
    Tue, August 25, 2009 12:41:18 PM
    From: Charles Ratliff
    View Card


    32225 ANY QUESTIONS CALL ME AT 1- 877-877-8939 EXT 114

    Thank you for your order, KIRSTY MCCOY !

    Purchasing Information
    Billing Address:
    Shipping Address:


    Your Order Total: $419.95 KIRSTY MCCOY

    Order Summary
    Order #: R0980824XX-109778 | Received Order for the Following Items…

    S.N. Part# Item Qty Price Core Deposit Shipping Price Total
    1 R59005FESC01 2005, FORD, ESCAPE, Base, V6-182ci, 3.0L, EngDesc-N/A, FuelType-N/A, FuelDel-FI, VIN- 1FMYU04145KA21175, Aspiration-N, Part – Electronic Engine Control Module(590), Additional Info – VIN# 1FMYU04145KA21175 PART# 5L8A-12A650-LD 1 $384.95 $0.00 $0.00 $384.95
    Shipping Cost $35.00
    Sales Tax $0.00
    Total Amount $419.95

    Shipping Method
    Desired Shipping Type: Ground Freight

    Payment Mode
    Type of Credit Card: CC Manual Mode

    Verification of Vehicle/Application Order Information

    Vehicle Year: 2005
    Make: FORD
    Model: ESCAPE
    Edition (LX, LE, SE, DX etc.): LIMITED
    Style (Hatchback, Coupe, Sedan, Station Wagon, Van or Convertible): SEDAN
    How Many Doors?: 5
    2 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive: 2
    Engine Size: 3.0L
    Number of Cylinders: V6-182CC
    Does Your Vehicle Have a Turbo Engine?: No
    Emissions Type (California or Federal): Federal
    Transmission Type (Automatic or Manual): Automatic
    Does Your Vehicle Have A/C?: Yes
    If Available, Please Provide Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#): 1FMYU04145KA21175
    If Available, Please Provide your OEM Number or Any Numbers Off Your Current Part/Unit: 5L8A-12A650-LD
    Current Mileage (If Available): 106813
    If Applicable, Please List the Reason(s) You Suspect Your Current Part/Unit is Defective: Yes
    If Available, Please Provide your OEM Number or Any Numbers Off Your Current Part/Unit: IT IS NOT LETTING THE CAR RECONIZE THE CYLINDERS

    Thank you for your order with AutoSource Auto Technologies. Your confirmation number is: #R0980824XX-109778

    Please review all above information to ensure it is correct, and notify us IMMEDIATELY if you find any error in your confirmation. There are no refunds on any product orders. You can contact our Customer Care department via the following:

    Phone: 1.877.877.5114 (toll-free)
    Phone: 904.619.7235 (main office line)
    Fax: 866.605.2268

    Click Here to Sign CC Authorization Form & Activate Your Warranty

    We sincerely appreciate your business!

    Best Regards,

    The AutoSource Auto Technologies. Team

    Copyright © 2009 Auto Source Industries, LLC. All rights reserved.

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