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Recently 17 highly skilled, fabulous people left this salon all at once.

Our group originally came to this salon because the one we were working in closed it’s doors.

There was one hair dresser and the owner working at Outer Image when we found it.

We needed a place that could accommodate all of us We each brought our own clients with us.

Recently we all gave our notice and some were kicked out even before they were ready to leave.

Our very pregnant hairdresser came in one morning to find all of her things outside the front of the building!

The Owner is a gal named Melinda Roach who is quite an odd person, some even say she is evil.

I will give you a short list of the major complaints against the way she runs her business. It would just take too much of my precious time to list them all.

Since we have left, Melinda has contined to solicit our clients as well as calling them to confirm their appointments at her salon!

This woman is truly a very disturbed person. I really don’t think anyone should have to be subjected to her in any way.

No hot water for pedicures for two years.

Refuses to fix anything, even if it is dangerous to empolyees and or clients 40% rent increase at the beginning of our slow season.

No vacation for renters or commission people.

No time off allowance for death in the family.

no time off allowance for maternity leave I could go on and on.

If your website can help us get the word out to other professionals in the beauty industry, it would be great!

Also, if you know of any other ways to get the word out, please feel free to share with me.

Thanks so much.

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  • I was hired five weeks ago by the current owner Melinda as a replacement for the aesthetician who had walked out with no notice. I found the salon and owner to be absolutely charming. Her management skills are impecable and above all holds the highest regard for all her employees and business. The complaints listed on this web site are totally unfounded. It is more than likely a group of unprofessional individuals who are not and will never be complacent in their jobs or concerned with the satisfaction of their customers. Our customers are very pleased with their treatment and service at Outer Image Salon.

  • I moved here from Pennsylvania three months ago. I had a successful business for over 30 years. I never paid vacation or maternity leave. In Arizona you rent space which means you have your own business inside a salon. You are responsible for all your own customers, vacations, etc. The salon owner is only responsible for the salon. I have had disgruntled employees who have left my salon and told lies about me. The sad thing about that is, if you didn’t know me you believed it. I have been her for 10 weeks. I haven’t seen any of those accusations made against Melinda. She is professional, very nice, helpful and the furthest thing from evil. I have been here when former clients come in looking for certain stylist not knowing they ever left. This salon has been accused of not telling their clients. It is up to the stylist to contact their clients. I am new in Arizona and am trying to build my business. As for coming to Outer Image Salon, I love the salon, the girls get along (maybe because there is no more negativity). They are all very talented and nice girls. I was very upset to read this negativeness about the salon.

  • This post made me laugh… First of all, did anyone notice that the author has written 24 posts on this website?! Second of all, the author’s email name is “bitch.” I believe this says a lot about the validity of the post and gives reason to question the motive for writing it! This website should be left for professional concerns regarding a business, not personal issues and name calling! The post was obviously written by an uneducated person, possibly a “gal,” attempting to sound educated; and is simply a pathetic attempt for this author to validate his or her own unprofessional behavior and blame others for an apparent inability to keep a job.

  • The reason the posts on this site appear to be written by the admin is because they are screened and posted by the admin.

  • I have known Melinda for 7 years, and worked for her for 3 of those years. I have recently gone back to work for her… I have to say that Melinda is probably one of the best Bosses that I have worked for. All that she asks an employee to do is their job. I know the renters that left this salon… Some are really great people… others, well….. at their best they were bearable. People should not air out their dirty laundry in public places. It only makes them look bad. Working for Melinda is a blessing, not a curse. Business is business. These people are not being professional by talking like this to others on a website to attempt to force a woman out of business. Oh, by the way….. she is still open, and doing really well. Sorry girls, it didn’t work out for you. Just move on and get over yourselves.

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