– Bad business is a rip off and totally inept at keeping their word, delivery times, and can’t even get thsir web page to work correctly (except the button that takes your money) Bewarned, I ordered from dba on September 6th, the confirmation said wait 10-14 business days for processing.  Well we waited with no Read more about – Bad business[…]

Domain Registry of America – The Biggest Scam Online

Domain Registry of America – DROA.COM tops it!  Here’s a company that should win the ‘Biggest scam that ever existed online’.  This company sends formal letters to registrants to renew their domain names, making the clients think their domains are about to expire, but in actuality, what they’re sending is a transfer request to DROA. Clients then send checks to DROA, not refundable Read more about Domain Registry of America – The Biggest Scam Online[…]