No Recourse at eBay, Sellers beware!

Here’s what I’ve gotten as a result of selling an item on eBay to kennyfuruya (eBay buyer) 


a)loss of three phones (Retail price totalling $150) which were working before shipping, and which the buyer claims are “defective” although he refused to ship them back to us, so there has been no verification that they are in fact defective.

b)loss of $22 in packing and shipping fees

c)negative feedback towards my profile, which was previously 100% positive, and is now only 84% positive.


Seller tested the 2 phones (retails for $150) and posted them on eBay. Phones sold to ebay username: kennyfuruya. Kennyfuruya received the items and stated that they did not work. Seller suggested a full refund, including shipping fees, but received no reply from kennyfuruya for days. Then–without replying–kennyfuruya posted a negative feedback about my eBay seller profile, and asked for a replacement phone. We offered to ship another phone on the condition that Kenny Furuya would remove the negative feedback; he said he would.  We shipped the third phone but ended up refunding his money in full, in spite of not getting the phones back. Now when we’re expecting the negative feedback to be removed, here is eBay’s response:


Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to removing the negative feedback
that you received from “kennyfuruya”.

I understand how frustrating it can be to receive negative Feedback.

As outlined in the removal policy, under federal law (the Communications
Decency Act), eBay is not legally responsible for the remarks that users
post on its site, even if those remarks are defamatory.

eBay provides its Feedback Forum and its boards as places where users
can express their opinions, and eBay will not censor these opinions, or
investigate the remarks for accuracy.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Feedback system, eBay must
refrain from removing any comments that do not fall into the special
areas outlined in that policy.

I regret that we’re unable to approve your request of feedback removal.

Seller, although this is the case, I want to let you know that by the end
of October eBay is planning to make some changes in the feedback system
where eBay will finally allow buyers to revise the feedback left for
sellers. With this policy, eBay will allow buyers to completely revise
the feedback left not just withdraw the feedback.

We will be posting these changes in our community announcement board and
eBay will send email communication about these updates to eBay members
of when the policy will finally take effect. Once this has been
implemented we will be reviewing similar cases such as your report and
remove it.

As of now, please bear with us as we work in completing these set of
changes in the feedback policy. Rest assured that we will stay committed
in responding to memberÂ’s feedback as the market place continue to

To review more about this, please go to:

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and wish you luck with
your future eBay transactions.


Message: Hello.
I am <seller>, and I have been a distinguished eBay member since 2000–many years longer than the buyer who posted negative feedback towards my profile, kennyfuruya.

I am writing to request removal of the negative feedback which the buyer also is requesting be removed.

I believe that my case should be considered a “specific case” in which negative feedback should be removed for the following reasons:

1) I offered a full refund of the buyer’s money when he first stated that the item didn’t work. He posted negative feedback without emailing us back.

2) The buyer continued to ignore my offer of a full refund and requested another phone, which we shipped. The condition was that if the phone didn’t work, we would refund the buyer’s money and he would remove the negative feedback. We have now refunded his money, he has kept three phones, and he still hasn’t removed the negative feedback.


Mr. Kenny Furuya from Playa Del Rey California kept the phones, which were in perfect working condition before shipping, received a full refund, and posted negative feedback which damaged another user’s reputation without first giving the seller a chance to resolve the problem.


7 thoughts on “No Recourse at eBay, Sellers beware!

  • I hear you they straight stole 125 in listing fees from me yesterday. i was a seller and had 5 featured listings up at 35 a peice they cancelled my acct saying that i was padding the rating system or inflating it rather ( which i was seriously innocent of) so they suspended my acct and stole all those listing fees i had already paid.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about that. My mother still sells on eBay and is frustrated more and more by them each day. They’ve really seem to lost their niche concern for the at-home, garage find seller and seem to have forgotten where they have come from under their CEO Donahoe.

  • I have had it with eBay! I have had more bad ecxperiences in the last year then I ever have had and I know I am not the only one. I had at least 4 random people send me emails about my ads. Some telling me I was scary… even though I ws selling clothes and jewelry and other lecturing me about life. I could not believe it. After the 4th email of someone telling me I was scary and had no right to be honest in my ads, I cancelled my account. Don’t even get me started on their crap feedback policies and their ludicrous charges. I have been using instead. There are many more auctions sites but they are trying to compete and do not have the traffic eBay does.

  • Thank You All !! I’ve really been struggling with the idea of selling or trying to sell some items on E-Bay been questioned the fees, rules of rating sellers, and all the other obstacles – After reading the above problems, I WILL NOT STRUGGLE ANYMORE – No Way will I Consider E-Bay as a trusting, viable outlet to market a few antiques I inherited.

    I’m glad for these review sites that allow us to share the “Truth” with others about all the deceit on the internet.

    With the phone situation I would consider filing a theft report with the police or fraud authorities they may refer you to. This person may be guilty of frauding many others through E-Bay and apalled that E-Bay is not taking steps to protect their sellers from Fraudulent Buyers. There must be some laws broken by some, but I’m sure E-Bay is protected from fraud from any and all sources thru their long terms and conditions contract.

    Again, thanks for saving me more heartache and trouble.

  • I used to be an eBay seller until I had a bad experience as well. I found eBay & PayPal to be nothing more than internet “bullies” who do not communicate and are not really interested in fairness. My story is long so I’ll not post it here but the short version is that PayPal froze my account and eBay locked me out from selling without even telling me why. To this day they still show that they are waiting for information from me that I sent 4 times and they even acknowledged receipt (this was over a year ago). I’ve never done business with them since and I will not do business with internet sites that accept only PayPal.

  • It works both ways.. I lost $150 in an ebay purchase thanks to ebay’s 45 day dispute window… which clever sellers can circumvent by protracted procedures. When 45 day dispute period lapses, ebay refuses and even denies any more participation ion th fraud. Letters Ebay Corporate officers are ignored. The Attorney general’s office of CA is also in the loop as they refuse to do anything about ebay’s tactics. So buyer beware.

    I lost $15o as i was told to return the watch I bought that arrived defective.. the seller then said to get a replacement, I would to remit for $50 for another one. he kept the watch and the money and I am out.. may God damn him and ebay for such a scamming operation. God damn Jerry Brown as Atty general for ignoring complaint.. god the US Govt FTC fraud complaint center for ignoring complaints.

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